Kitchen Soap Dispenser NDS020BN, Solid Brass Construction with Refill-From-Top Capacity, Super Smooth and Durable Pump with Built-in Bottle

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Our NDS020BN soap dispenser is made of super durable SOLID BRASS material, including the threaded pin and locking nut. This solid brass structure ensures long lifespan. On top of it, its finish can resist 24 hours salt spray test and other strictest tests by cUPC standard.

Most classic design that have proved to be the most practical soap dispenser ever, which results in its painless and self-explanatory installation. The liquid soap can also be conveniently filled up from the top by just simply removing the dispenser head from the bottle.

Fits 1 1/2” opening on the countertop.

The extra-long threaded pin (2-1/4”) can allow our soap dispenser NDS020BN to be installed onto extra thick countertop such as granite, marble or wood.

Limited Life Warranty. The product can be refunded for any manufacturing defects.