Serene Valley Frameless Hinged Shower Door SVSD5004-2472MB, 3/8" Tempered Glass with Easy-Clean Coating, 304 Stainless Steel Hardware in Matte Black 24"W x 72"H

  • Serene Valley Frameless Hinged Shower Door SVSD5004-2472MB comes with dimension of 24” in width and 72” in height. All the hardware is made of premium 304 Stainless steel to provide maximum rust resistance.
  • This shower door can be installed either right-side door opening or left-side door opening, which provides the flexibility needed for the customers. Two classic and heavy-duty hinges bear the weight of 3/8” super-clear glass door, creating an effortless swinging and upscale look.
  • The installation video shows how easy it is to install this shower door. There is also a bit of allowance for the out-of-plumb wall by adjusting the hinge positions. Combined with our full set of seal strips, the water leaking can be prevented to a great extent.
  • Our 3/8" thick tempered safety glasses are all ANSI Z97.1 certified that provides maximum protection on human injuries. Easy-Clean coating is applied to repel water and scale buildup, resulting in an easy cleaning experience.
  • Serene Valley is renowned for outstanding customer service. If you have any issues with our products, we will be there for you to help you out.