Kitchen Sink Drain Cover, Decorative and Odor Control for Regular 3.5" Sink Drain, 304 Stainless Steel Material NSA101

  • Serene Valley kitchen sink drain cover NSA101 uses the most durable PP material wrapped by 304 stainless steel plate cover to provide the most rust-resistant performance with a matching color to your stainless steel sink.
  • Our kitchen sink drain cover conceals garbage disposal and all standard strainers. When it is put on, the open sides still allow water to drain fast. This feature makes it a must-have kitchen accessory if you want to have a perfectly working kitchen sink while the uniform beautiful look is still there.
  • Works perfectly for the kitchen strainer 3.5” in diameter with or without garbage disposals. Please pay attention to your drain diameter and make sure they match up.
  • Works only with stainless steel sinks. Due to the design logic of this sink drain cover, we only recommend it to be used with stainless steel sink of any kind. It would blend in to your stainless sink without even being noticed thanks to the stainless steel finish it has.
  • Limited life warranty. Serene Valley is renowned for outstanding customer service. We will be always there for you whenever an issue arises. If you are not satisfied with our product for any reasons, we will refund you with no questions asked.